Here’s what I learned about Web Workers.

The project source code is at the bottom.

While I was working at TD Bank’s Innovation Lab I would often find myself needing to make sense of big data. Time-series predictions, graph traversal, image classification, you name it. Most of these tools are available as Python software development kits, or you need to convert your AI model from a Python-centric tech stack into an iOS or Android native one. It was often more efficient to make and deploy a quick Flask API on AWS to host the model for the sake of a proof of concept or user testing.

COIVD has forced us to stop using in-person UX research. Here are some tried and true methods we’re keeping after the lockdowns lift.

In my current role as a lead developer & solution designer at TD Bank’s Innovation Lab, creating inclusive experiences that increase financial literacy is at the heart of what I do. Making and testing prototypes of our upcoming experiences with a broad audience is crucial to solving customer needs.

We needed alternative UX research methods during 2020–2021 to test our iOS prototypes since our preferred method of in-person testing was off the table.

Soon into the lockdown…

Have you ever wanted to turn your iPad or iPhone app into a website? Flutter can do that now and this script can help you share your product with the world in an easy way.

If you’re not familiar, Flutter is the hot new framework developed by Google to build multi-platform apps.

It’s also the rendering layer of the upcoming Fuchsia OS, the eventual successor to Android. Personally, I love writing iOS and Android apps with Flutter. Its functional widgets is reminiscent of React or Vue 3 component structure.

As of writing, the beta version of Flutter can now deploy…

Frank Flitton

Full Stack Software Engineer and Lead Designer specializing in software engineering, UX research, and product design.

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